Thirst for fizz

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How many bottles of sparkling wine do you think are drunk in a year around the world? Have a guess. 2.5 billion bottles. That must be a million, trillion, zillion bubbles that we ingest each year. And it’s growing.

It seems that the world’s taste for sparkling wine is unquenchable and cava is no exception. Over 245 million bottles of Spain’s most famous fizz are produced in the Cava each year and 65% of that exported around the world.

We have always loved sparkling wine in the UK, drinking more Champagne than any other nation in the world. But currently, 8 out of 10 bottles or 83% of fizz sold is sparkling wine, while in value terms, sparkling wine makes up 58% of the category, or £3 out of every £5 spent on bubbles.

Our taste for bubbles is famous. Our love of Spain even more renowned.

The great thing for Cava is that people are starting to switch onto the fact that the more premium styles are being enjoyed more. Sales of Reserva Cava are up nearly +12% and Gran Reserva by 12%.

The reason for this? Well, probably people are beginning to realize that cava is one of the most popular sparkling wines made by the “traditional method”, that is fermented once in the vat to make wine and then again in the bottle to produce that wonderful chemical reaction that creates the bubbles. Cava doesn’t just have CO² pumped into it. No, it takes time and care to make it.

The great thing is that this move towards drinking better for your money has been recognized by Cava producers and, as a result, they have just launched their top classification – Cava de Paraje Calificada.

These Cava de Paraje wines will soon start appearing on shelves as 9 different producers from the region have been awarded this auspicious accolade which means that they are making the very best aged cavas from single vineyard estates – proving that Cava can compete with the very best wines in the world.

Look for Cava de Paraje Calificado wines from: Cordoníu, Gramona, Torelló, Recaredo, Juvé &Camps, Alta Alella, Can Sala, Vins el Cep and Sabaté i Coca.

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