Paraje profile: Vins El Cep

Vins El CepThree important ideas define Vins El Cep’s first cava de paraje calificado.

Firstly, the opportunity to express how they’ve been working all these years. From the very beginning they have identified with this way of creating and producing terroir cava.

These vines have some singular features. All are located on the sunny slope of a small basin, which crosses our Can Prats vineyard up to the Anoia river. The basin contains a geological succession that creates a diversity of soils typical of much larger, complex sites. A location with gentle slopes, torrents and gullies and small copses, with the characteristic fauna and flora of this larger area.

Vins El Cep’s first cava de paraje calificado had to be the ultimate expression of its vines, produced using traditional varieties: Xarel·lo, Macabeo and Parellada. To make its Claror cava, from this vineyard they selected 5.5 hectares of old vines of the three traditional varieties that have historically produced grapes of exceptional quality. As a whole, these vines have some singular features and, since 2003, the principles of biodynamic agriculture have been applied to all of them. Claror is the first biodynamic cava from the 2006 vintage.

SOIL: Set in 5.5ha, these are deep, well-drained soils with a moderately basic reaction and medium textures (silty clay loam). They’re produced by the weathering of carbonated marl.

VARIETIES: Xarel·lo / Macabeo / Parellada


Download the tasting notes here: Paraje Profile_ElCep

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