Paraje profile: Codorniu

CodorniuCordorniu is in the unique postition of having three paraje estates: El Tros Nou; La Fideuera; and La Pleta.

El Tros Nou is an exceptional “paraje” located in one of the coldest zones of the D.O. Cava: the Sierra de Prades. Its most outstanding particularity are its Licorella slate soils the give the Pinot Noir a very characteristic mineral touch.

Area: 2.1 ha
Altitude: 555 – 565 metres
Exposure: N-S facing rows. E exposure
Slope: Lateral del 12%
Texture: loam-sandy. “Llicorella”
Structure: Granular simple grain
Fertility: Medium
Clone: Dijon 667
Density: 2.178 vines/hectare
Roots (depth): 150cm
Planted: 2005


PARAJE WINE: El Tros Nou 2009

The “paraje” La Fideuera is a small jewel hidden away in the Alt Penedès, where the Xarel•lo variety achieves all its expression, acidity and elegance. The vines are over 25 years old and are fully mature with roots that are deeply entrenched in a noble limy soil that contributes structure and richness to this great cava.

Area: 2.61ha
Altitude: 201-220m
Exposure: N S-facing
Slope: SE-facing 2%
Texture: Loamy soil
Structure: Deep well drained soil with few stones and thick elements.
Fertility: Medium
Density: 7.000Kgs/hectarea
Roots (depth): >200cm
Planted: 1993 and 1999


PARAJE WINE: La Fideuera 2009

Finca La Pleta is a small south-facing vineyard located 286 metres above sea level on one of our winery’s best terroirs. The vines grow on shallow silt-clay soils with scarce plant cover.

Area: 7ha
Altitude: 283-300m
Exposure: S W Slope: 4%
Texture: Loam-clay
Structure: Prismatic-column
Fertility: Medium-Low
Clone: Davis15D
Density: 1.650 vines/hectare
Roots (depth): 120-180cm
Planted: 2000



Download the tasting notes here: Paraje profile: Codorniu

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