Paraje profile: Recaredo

RecaredoSerral del Vall is a place of incomparable beauty with the imposing mountain of Montserrat as guardian of a unique setting in both topographical and geological terms. Serral del Vall is a high plain made up of the slopes of the Bitlles river and the undulations of the river courses that feed the torrent of Lavernó.

This high plain has several terraces of considerable size with very gentle slopes which man has gradually shaped by building embankments and mounds. The lie of the land, made up of hilltops and torrents, gets sharper as it approaches the mountain of Montserrat. The vines are grown in those areas easier to cultivate in the past, while the woods are located on the steeper slopes or rockier zones populated with carob trees.

SOIL: 18 ha The soil of Serral del Vell has a unique personality thanks to its large amount of limestone, containing chalky nodules and also a considerable presence of stones from the Serra del Mar and the Serra Catalana. Through erosion, chalk carbonates have been deposited on top of the soil and, on occasion, have also permeated the soil, creating the characteristic stone masses.

These soils have a loamy texture (a balance of different particle sizes: sand, silt and clay) with the presence of gravel, pebbles and stones that help water to drain and the roots to penetrate deep into the soil.



Download the tasting note here: Paraje profile: Recaredo

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