The Women of Cava


To celebrate International Women’s Day {Thursday 8 March, 2018} we thought we’d have a go at starting a list of those woman in the wine business who are making the difference for Cava.

Whether it’s making it, selling it, promoting or even just drinking it! We want acknowledge those women out there in the wine world who really care about Spain’s number one sparkling wine.

Let’s face it, we all love a good glass of something bubbly and Cava is recognised as one of the world’s best sparkling wines made by the traditional method. We believe that there are lots of women out there who are doing a great job to get more and more glasses of the Spain’s sparkler into the hands of consumers; driven by their passion for quality, their dedication to the cause and their love of a wine that is made to brighten anyone’s day.

To get the ball rolling we’ve come up with a few females who we think have got what it takes on the bubble-ometer. Some of the women who are at the cutting edge of winemaking across the DO Cava and who are shaping the way Cava is made today:

And, it’s not just those in the winery that are making a difference. There are numerous experts and enthusiastic aficionados who are doing excellent work spreading the word about Cava, each in their own different way. Some of these people are:

If you know a woman who should be added to this list, let us know – we know there are lots more out there!


To learn more about Cava visit

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