3 reasons why Cava producers welcome winter

página 12It is counter intuitive to think that extreme frosts, snow and ice are important to the production of quality Cava – but it is.

During the winter months, when the vines are dormant, vital work is done by the viticulturalists and winemakers in preparation for bud burst Spring.

  1. Throughout the winter vines wither and become dormant, it is now that the vines are actually resting, a vital part of their lifecycle.
  2. Pruning is essential for quality fruit production. It has two main functions: it delays bud burst, so that the growing season is controlled; and, it regulates the amount of fruit each vine will produce – another control on fruit quality.
  3. Clearing the vineyard of debris and maintenance of the land ensures the landscape is primed for the seasons ahead, to protect against soil erosion, to encourage the surrounding ecosystem to thrive, offering natural protection against disease, and to optimise the land for natural irrigation.

It is only when frosts and cold wet weather arrives too late in the season does it pose a real problem for quality Cava production. The weather is a constant companion for winemakers.

To read more about Cava production visit www.docava.es

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