Preparing for harvest 2018

Ahead of next month’s harvest Cava winemakers share their thoughts on what lies ahead…

Very soon the winemakers and vineyard workers that make Cava will spring into action for the harvest and will be totally focused on bringing in the fruit for 2018.

In equal measure, it is an exciting time but also extremely pressured. Everyone is working hard and tension is high to ensure the fruit arrives in optimum condition and at the optimum moment.

We spoke with some of the anxious wine-making teams in Penedes to get their view on the weeks that lie ahead and what the 2018 growing season has meant so far to them.


We are located in the Penedès’ highlands and we adapt our knowledge to balance the vine with the soil and climatology.

The ripening cycle goes very good and we are satisfied about our job and preventive actions regarding bounty rainfalls in winter and springtime. We kept the spontaneous vegetative crop to avoid the erosion and we removed leaves to be not affected by mildew. In our plots it’s under control. We pruned to work in a very low yields for more concentration and to preserve natural acidity.

We expect to harvest xarel.lo beginning September and parellada the last week of September.

But of course, it is early to prognosticate the blending or the production. We must be patient.

Once the wines will be ready, then we will decide if we will bottled Can Sala 2018.

Freixenet parellada grapes maturing in July 2018 ahead of harvest

Vins el Cep

The last three years in the Penedès region, from the climatic point of view, are very different years. In 2018 we have had very high rainfall and it is a year in which the harvest is delayed in the calendar. Surely it will be a year with higher acidity than in previous years, which is good for making good Cavas.

Anyway, everything will be decided in the month of August, which will be key to see if the expectations we have are realised.

This is our vision: that of winegrowers, who are on the land, every day and always looking at the sky…

VinsElCep_July 2018 preparing for harvest
The vineyards of Vins El Cep just weeks before the harvest, July 2018


In two or three weeks – literally – the first grapes for our Codorniu Cavas will be crushed in our wineries.

After two years of severe and extreme drought, the rain that fell in winter and early Spring was no less than a Godsend. However, since those rains didn’t seem to have an end we had to get steady for possible mildew in our vineyards. Our farmers in Penedès and our Viticulture team in Raimat and Conca de Barberà plots closely followed-up to ensure the vines were healthy. And so they are: strong and recovered from the thirst.

At this stage we foresee a good harvest both in quality and quantity. Summer is warm, not extremely hot as in the last vintages, therefore the ripening process is slower to what we have been used lately and the fruit aromas seem very, very promising. Fingers crossed!

The fruit in this Codorniu vineyard is almost ready for picking, full of fresh acidity which is perfect for making premium Cava (24.7.2018)

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