New Cava Geographical Zoning

At the UK Cava Summit in London on 2nd December, 2019, Javier Pagés, DO Cava’s president, announced plans for new zone segmentation in the region.

The initiative is designed to formalise the DO Cava’s distinctive terroirs and diverse climatic differentiation in line with the region’s commitment to accentuate Cava’s quality cues.

example of potential sub areas/appelations

Vilafranca del Penedès, December 2019.- Javier Pagés, president of the DO Cava, announced new plans from the Consejo Regulador to formalise the terroir, soil types and  viticulture of the region in a new Zoning Charter which will encompass traceability and quality measure which will ultimately increase the quality perception and validity of DO Cava’s wines.

Discussions are currently underway between the DO Cava and the Spanish government to define three “First Level” zones with in the DO cava which define the criteria which clearly differentiates Cava from other world-class sparkling wines. These criteria will include the sub-zone’s history in terms of viticulture and vinification, the climatic conditions and situation/place in order to validate the DO’s authenticity and provenance.

Speaking at the 2019 Cava Summit Pagés said, “What our new plans set out to do is give the consumer a guarantee of quality and provenance and guide them up the ladder to tell the story behind the wines whilst discovering more about what differentiates Cava from its competitors.”

He continued, “We aim to improve the premium certification with a Cava Vineyard Registry which will ensure that all Reserva and Gran Reserva wines have been registered so that we can guarantee the quality, place of provenance and traceability of our very best wines.

picture shows the panel at the Cava Summit (L-R: Sarah Jane Evans MW; Dawn Davies MW; Nick Room; Richard Bigg and Javier Pagés)*

Dawn Davies MW, buyer at Speciality Drinks, said, “In my opinion the future for Cava is bright, but I believe that producers and brands have to speak directly to consumers about what they associate with Spain; warmth, openness and gastronomy. The news about the emphasis on organic wines and quality cues will only be positive for the category going forward.”

Nick Room, director at RT Wine Solutions commented, “There are reasons to be cheerful in my opinion: 81% of the UK population drink wine. Of wine’s £10.6 billion off premise-sales, sparkling accounts for £2 billion. Cava’s enterprising approach to take some of this share has paid dividends in the past. Now, new wave Cava is developing an intriguing niche – and retailers are taking more risks.”

He added, “It’s also encouraging that the strongest segment of the still wine trade in supermarkets is the £7 to £10 bracket, indicating that our consumers will pay a bit more to enjoy and impress. No reason why this should not be true for Cava if consumers are given the right messages.”

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