Cava de Paraje Calificado

The DO Cava’s very best single-estate Cavas were officially recognised in 2017 and this new classification – Cava de Paraje – is fast proving to be the pinnacle of quality and production for Spain’s best known fizz.

The producers didn’t have it easy getting their recognition as being amongst the best of the best. In order to qualify each single estate needs to be planted with vines that are at least 10 years old and with very low yields to ensure maximum concentration and complexity in the wines.

On top of this all the wines produced from any singular plot must be Brut, Extra Brut or Brut Nature and aged in the bottle on lees for a minimum of 36 months. Add to this the DO’s requirement for total traceability and authentic provenance and you can see why these fabulous fizzes are causing a stir in the wine world.

Once the wines have met all of these stringent criteria they are then subjected to a blind tasting by a panel of wine experts of international renown – none of them are Cava producers so ultimate objectivity is guaranteed. Prior to tasting the producers have to explain the uniqueness of their terroir and how they feel this is reflect in the glass.

Why has the D.O. Cava created the Cava de Paraje?

Because they believe that Cava has to aspirational and that it can stand alongside  to the very best wines from around the world. The producers and the governing council in the Penedés believe that these wines will represent a genuine expression of terroir and the wonderful quality that these exceptional winemakers are capable of producing.

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Regarding the CORPINNAT brand

The Consejo Regulador de Cava was unaware of the rules for the use of the CORPINNAT brand, property of the private association “AVEC”, until the 10th April 2018. Given the number of enquiries and articles published in the press we understand that the information that has been presented, is creating some confusion amongst opinion formers and consumers, alike.

With this in mind, our legal team will carefully study this new scenario and its compatibility with the Denomination of Origin Cava, with the purpose of obtaining informative conclusions.