No doubt fizz is fab for cocktail making now the sunny weather is upon us. You may go for a yeasty, French fizz as a base for your favourite cocktail or a peachy, Italian glass of bubbles but there is no beating a serving of Spanish Cava, the Catalan contribution to the world of sparkling wines, to any cocktail using bubbles for the base. Its bright, crisp and deliciously dry character make it a perfect contender for cocktails.

Cava has a wonderful savoury character that combines well with most spirits base. Whether you are using gin, vodka, brandy or whisky there’s a Cava to fit the cocktail.

Bone Dry Brut Nature suits Gin and Vodka sparkling cocktails. For example, if you’ve just chosen a top Gin from the rack with delicate botanical balance the Cava is the sparkler to go for. Some fizz can drown out the subtleties of the very best Gins but Cava is a team player – it complements and co-habits to bring the very best out in your chosen gin. Try a French 75 or a Pimm’s Royale to get you started.

The richer Non-Vintage, Demi Sec or even a Reserva Cava work perfectly with whisky, rum and brandy. We love an Apple jack with Cava and Whisky instead of the traditional choice of fizz or a Bali Hai with rum and Cava. We think you’ll notice the difference.

And as for the two top Spanish vinous delights – Sherry and Cava…well, you’ve come to the right place. A Spanish Spritz with Fino Sherry and ginger, topped with Cava is a must if you haven’t tried it already.

This summer when you think Cava think #CavaCocktails!


class-cava-cup_the3600The Class Cava Cup 2016

10 top barmen and women from some of the best bars around competed against each other at The Grovenor’s Red Bar at the beginning of the month to win the title for making the best Cava cocktail.

The winner, Vitalij Gutovskij from the Lobby Bar a Number 1 Aldwych, shone through with his fresh, aromatic Cava cocktail “5 Element” which impressed the judges because of it’s integration of flavours and balance.

Chair of the judges and President of the CRDO del Cava, Pere Bonet, congratualted the winner and finalists saying that their “art is like that of a magician, blending and inventing flavour combinations like druide’s to créate the most delicious cocktails and giving a whole new dimension Cava.”

The other runners up were Emily Jade from London Fields Brewery with her delicious Crema Catalana and Giacomo Guanera from The Churchill Bar with his Cuban inspired, smokey cocktail called Club Amigo.

The winner will win a three night trip to Barcelona and the Cava region, hosted by the CRDO del Cava.

The cocktails in the Class Cava Cup 2016 were:

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